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We educate, create and support the dance community by working with the people who are creating the multi- media, Broadway, and live performances across the world. We are Ignite Dance "Live" the Unconventional COMPETITION AND Convention.

Ignite Dance Live is taking a unique, unconventional approach to dance conventions and competitions by looking forward to what is coming next. It's exciting how quickly dance has taken over our world in television, film, and social media outlets. We will provide a creative, positive, and exciting experience of learning and building a new way of working together. We will create new ideas and choreography with dancers you have never met before and with your own teammates. This dance movement is the way of the future. We are excited to continue to support your work as educators and work with your dancers.   Social media and YouTube have changed the speed in which dancers can excel and self-promote. We will provide a world-class faculty from Tony and Emmy award winning choreographers to winners of SYTYCD and World of Dance, to Broadway Stars and beyond. They are living the real deal of dance every day and we are bringing them to you.  Get ready for the Action.

Send all questions to ignitedancelive@gmail.com


*Friday and Saturday will be filled with competition. Solos, duets, trios, small groups, large groups, lines and productions. We are excited to have our innovative panel give  "Live" feedback to all performers. We will have award celebrations, overall tops and our exclusive Ignite honors, scholarships and private lessons will be given for these special awards.

Ignite Competition will be open to all performers and all levels. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. We invite all genres of dance, singing and acting.  We are a convention that welcomes all types of talent to our stage.

*Schedule subject to change.

Ignite Awards:
Blast Off Medal: 80-84.9
Rocket Medal: 85-89.9
Electricity Medal: 90-94.9
Explosive Medal: 95-98
Eruption Medal: 98.5-100


Our conventions consist of one full six-hour day of classes and a dance party celebration to wrap the weekend. We start our CONVENTION DAY with a half-hour warm-up and five classes. A half-hour lunch break is also provided (though dancers will need to provide their own lunch).

Rooms are split between Juniors (11 and under) and Seniors (12 and above). We will also have the option for a third room for minis.  Classes can consist of a variety of different styles including traditional (i.e., Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, etc.) as well as some truly unique experiences such as Jazz Funk, Ballroom, Theater, Improv, Heels, on-camera interviews and more.

Our master teachers are also our judges, which allows our talented team to focus on each class to serve your students’ needs. We will give honors based on the work in class, picking up choreography, and how these kids excel under the pressure of audition and performance.  We are here to support these students and Ignite them to the next level. During our convention, we will have an open discussion called "Celebrity Talk" with our panel and we will be inviting talent agents to join this discussion.  This sort of insight will help to break down any questions that your students or teachers have about becoming the best artist they can be or how to approach the business of dance and theater. This creative environment gives the studio directors the ability to ask questions to our team and to gather feedback that allows us to serve your studios better.


Ignite will focus its curriculum towards dancing in all media markets. From Music Videos, Broadway Musicals, to Television Commercials and Motion Pictures. Dance has become mainstreamed by the presence of SYTYCD, World of Dance and America’s Got Talent. We are excited to share these skills, direct from some of the choreographers that work in live musicals for television like Hairspray; series hits like "Smash", films like "Isn't It Romantic" and Dance Commercials across the world.

These new opportunities to work with these cutting edge choreographers will set the trend for the young dancers of our time. This skillset will be essential for their future. We will offer classes in all genres and will work hands on with each dancer on how to interview on camera and how to know what it feels like to be on set in a working production. We will also share our talents in ballroom, improv, how to audition, what to wear, and how to connect with agents. We will have on-site casting agents to direct and educate your students and your faculty. We are here to give our dancers the competitive edge that will serve them in their futures in dance and beyond. This positive environment is about building the confidence of our next generation of dancers and dance lovers across the world.

Derek Piquette

Josh Bergasse

Rachelle Rak

Jerry Mitchell

Christopher Gattelli

Karine Plantadit

Ashley Blair Fitzgerald

Kylie Bronk

Mark Myars

Luke Hawkins

Charlie Williams

Justin Bohon

Paul McGill

Marty Thomas

Lenora Nemetz

Tome' Cousin

Angie Schworer

Joey Pizzi

Laurie Kanyok

Anthony Ciulla

Charlie Sutton

Gianna Martello

Markus Shields

Julius Rubio

Caitlin Wheeler



Come show your support for Rachelle Rak & Sandra Coyte and help them kick off this monumental program! Your dancers will thank-you for the experience!!!

San Antonio, TX

At Starbound Nationals June 19th, 2022

Foxwoods, CT

At Starbound Nationals June 25th, 2022

Atlantic City, NJ


Orlando, FL


Lake Tahoe, NV


Houston, TX 

Oct 7th-9th, 2022

San Francisco, CA

January 27TH-29TH, 2023

Miami, FL

February 17TH-19TH, 2023

Woodbridge, NJ

MARCH 24th-26TH, 2023

Who Should Attend

Studio Owners

Dancers of all ages

Dancers of all styles 

Dance Professionals

Dance Educators

University Dance students

Dance Parents

Dance Lovers

Musical Theatre Performers

Why Attend

  • Access to the dance community and educators
  • Opportunity for direct casting from top casting agencies
  • Scholarships and mentor programs
  • Network and collaborate with industry professionals
  • Connect with the choreographers working in commercial dance, broadway musicals and more
  • Meet some of your idols and learn from the best in a healthy, positive environment

Our Pricing

One Day PASS: Ignite Convention without competition entries:  $200.00



Sandy Coyte AND Rachelle Rak

Ignite is lead by talented professionals who first joined forces almost a decade ago, with the purpose of helping dancers reach their full potential. Together Sandy and Rachelle share decades of professional experience on stage and off. This is a dream for Ignite to have a purposeful, educational comp/con that will help provide these young performers the answers they need. Our team will share their knowledge of our industry and everyday life from creator to performer. This connection will be something that will transform the future of their dance education, career opportunities and attainable goals in show business.

Poster Of People-2

Winners! 2022/2023 Season

These dancers were chosen from our Comp/Con to become our assistants for our new Ignite season. They will join our team and assist the greatest talent in the world. . Join our Ignite family and take this opportunity to become a Dynamite.

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