Ages for dancers are as of the day of the convention.

Studio owners and directors can place their dancers in the age level they feel is appropriate to their students' skill level. This is to be determined together with the onsite dance supervisor and can be adjusted if needed. The dancers will have the specific age categories for ShowNite for critiques. Again, we are dance convention with an option for performance and critiques for ShowNite.
Ignite Dance "Live" is not a competition.
In order to be considered for any scholarships, all students must participate in both days of the convention and ShowNite.
All group registrations must be accompanied by a registered teacher or studio representative.
In order to be in the ShowNite performances, each student must sign up for the full 2 day convention.
You can purchase your wrist band for observation for one or two days on our DCG sign up or you can purchase them at the event. The price is 35.00 for two days and if you purchase per day it is 25.00 per day. Get your bands early.
We suggest registering as soon as possible due to space and availability.
The hotel will hold a block of rooms for our Ignite rate and we recommended booking your rooms as soon as possible. Please be sure to mention our event to get the discount for your stay.
Photography and videography at Ignite Dance "Live" events are strictly prohibited. Ignite will have a production film team to handle anything you want to purchase. The "Live" class video will be available as well as all of the interviews and ShowNite performances. Some are included in the package and some are sold separately.
Dancers may either register as an independent or with their studio. If you register independent, please type it in and list your studio.
Ignite accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, checks, or money orders.  They must be postmarked if there is an early bird special discount deadline. If your check is returned, you will be charged a $35.00 fee. Only cash and credit cards are acceptable when registering at the door or paying the final balance check at registration. All funds must be paid in U.S. currency only. No international checks will be accepted.

Refund policy

Credit will be decided on a case by case basis. To be considered for a credit, notice must given to Ignite prior to the start date of the event in writing. Absolutely no credits will be considered or given for cancelled registrations or performances for Shownite routines unless proof of illness or injury for which medical attention has been sought within 30 days prior to the start of the event proven with an authentic doctors note. If this credit is approved, the credit must be used for tuition for the performance fees only and will be good for only one year from the start date of the event . You will be credited got for the amount paid minus a service fee of $30.00 Credit will be not be issued for any other reason.

Rules and General information

The performance of Shownite will be a huge opportunity for your dancers to make a direct connection with our incredible panel of professionals working in show business. This qualified team will talk directly to the dancer and the teacher on stage in a unique and positive way of receiving direction. The performer will then go to an on camera interview room to talk about their experience and how they felt about their performance. This is all included in their package for their ShowNite Entry.
Registration for ShowNite is based on a first come first serve basis. Once we reach capacity, we will close out ShowNite. We have the option to begin ShowNite on Friday.  If this occurs we will start our ShowNite Performances and "Live" panel on Friday evening.
Ages for dancers are as of the day of the convention (You list this twice. This is the very opening sentence at the beginning)
All routines should be appropriate for a family viewing audience
Teachers and faculty cannot coach during the ShowNite performances or during any classes.
No dancer items or props should be hazardous.  examples: Fire, live animals, objects that go beyond the stage. We want to see your dancers and give them the best feedback for their performances.
Limited props and set up times must be discussed for ShowNite individually. Props should be easily carried on and off stage and set up quickly.
Please leave the stage area as clean as possible for the next performer
Stage dimensions are approximately 30 by 40 feet
Access for crossovers will depend on the venue set up so always prepare for a plan B.  Plan entrances for all situations according to the venue
Also program changes must be made at least two weeks prior to the event
Please be ready when you are scheduled to perform
Judges will have the opportunity to select scholarship honors based on the entire weekend of watching your dancers perform and take class. They may be asked to perform again at the end of the weekend.
All performers must be students on some level, we do not have an age cut off for our convention as we are here to educate and inspire,  some of our scholarships will not be appropriate for older dancers , but all are welcome to learn and perform.
Critiques will be "Live" they will be on our video package for your students to have and purchase any additional video packages per performer in groups.
We will have a mini room ages 6-8
Juniors and pre-teens ages 7-12
Seniors ages 13 and up
All levels for the convention can be decided by the teacher based on their knowledge of their dancers capabilities.  However,  if there is any decision that needs to be made onsite our skilled dance supervisor will make that decision. All levels will have the same excellent teaching faculty and will have the same opportunities.
Scholarships are specific and non transferrable and cannot be combined with other discounts
We will have a list of our honors given at the end of each weekend. We are thrilled to be sponsored by the Broadway Dance Center in New York City,
Studio School in Los Angeles, The Broadway Workshop , Starbound National Talent Competition.  Our scholarships will be for education, special camps and entries for Ignite Dance "Live"  Starbound and more.
We are excited to give our participation honors to your dancers. We want them to leave our event with a new idea of what a the dance community can be.

Performance ShowNite

Our performance ShowNite is a first come first serve basis. We suggest you sign up your students for solos, duets, trios and groups and get the live feed back from our incredible panel. We do not have an award ceremony. We acknowledge our participants with scholarship eligibility, after performance on-camera interview and a teen dance party on Saturday night after ShowNite.
On Sunday we will do a wrap up gathering with videos, dance, fun and some acknowledgements and honors may be given.
If a minimum number of entries is not reached Ignite LLC has the right to cancel the ShowNite performances. If the ShowNite is cancelled then Ignite will give a full refund for entries for ShowNite only. To participate in our one of a kind ShowNite dancers must be registered for the full convention.
Thank you and welcome to Ignite Dance "Live"